Sam Pedicelli

Traditional Aftercare

After 2-4 Hours:

You will need a liquid, unscented soap to clean your tattoo (preferably one that is antibacterial, such as Spectro Jel or Pursan.) We usually sell Pursan soap at the studio for $10 + HST.  You will also need to buy a water based unscented lotion for later in the healing process, I personally recommend Unscented Lubriderm lotion, or Unscented Vaseline lotion (not petroleum Jelly)

1. Wash your hands with liquid antimicrobial soap.

2. Remove the wrapping of your tattoo. Do not rewrap or leave the wrap on for longer than 2-4 hours. 

3. Wash the tattoo thoroughly with soap and water. I usually recommend doing so in the shower. Ensure you get all the plasma, blood etc off of your tattoo, but do not scrub hard.

4. Pat dry with a clean dry paper towel. Do not use a bath towel as they harbour bacteria and are rough against the skin.

Do not rewrap your tattoo after this. Leave it to air out, and wear loose/breathable clothing.  

For the next 2-3 weeks:

-Follow the routine above twice a day for the first 2 days after your tattoo. If you go to the gym be sure to give the tattoo a good wash afterwards.

-After the first 2-3 days, start applying a thin layer of the lotion once or twice a day. Moisturize after washing, or as needed (max 4 times per day)

-Always wash your hands before touching your fresh tattoo until it's healed (usually 15-30 days)


-Do not pick or scratch at your tattoo while it is healing as this can cause permanent damage to your new piece.

-Keep it clean and dry as much as possible- Do not soak the tattoo (i.e. baths, saunas, pools, etc) for the next 3 weeks.

-Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight

-Keep pets and pet hair away from your tattoo until it is fully healed.

-Once your tattoo is fully healed, be sure to apply sunscreen! Excessive sun exposure can lead to fading.

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