Sam Pedicelli

Second-skin aftercare for small/black and grey tattoos

I have used a Second-skin bandage for your tattoo. It is often referred to as Saniderm, Hypafix, and Tegaderm. The specific brand I use is Hypafix, but the aftercare/application is the same across brands.

Leave the bandage on for 5-6 days total if possible.

 If you are noticing any excessive redness around the bandage or excessive fluid build-up underneath, please remove it and follow these aftercare instructions instead. Some fluid buildup is totally normal, but if you're noticing any pooling or puddling I would recommend taking it off.

Once you have taken off the bandage (whether you kept it on for the full 6 days or not), be sure to give your tattoo a good wash with water and liquid unscented soap. (I suggest Spectro Jel, or Pursan) 

Once washed, pat dry with a clean paper towel and do not re-wrap. 

Generally your tattoo will be fully healed in about 10-12 days total.

You might experience a very light peeling of the skin at this time, apply your moisturizer 2-3 times a day until it’s totally healed. 

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