1. Do you take commissions\custom orders? Can you recreate an old sculpture for me?

I do take commissions\custom orders. If you have something in mind that you think would be good in my style - get in touch with me and we'll discuss it. As all sculptures are made without the use of moulds and are made entirely by hand, 2 identical sculptures are not possible. I can however make a similar sculpture to one of my previous pieces (or with some changes to your liking), given the availability of materials. Please don't hesitate to ask about your wishes concerning your commission!

2. Whats' the general pricing?

The prices generally start at $150 CAD for pre-made small sculptures, larger multi-figure or installation pieces are more expensive. Commissions start at $200. 

3. How do I contact you about a commission\custom order?

Send me a message via email sam.pedicelli [!at] hotmail.com or message me through my website (see below).
Please describe what creature/animal/hybrid you want/let me know whether you have any preferences for the colour scheme or any details you have in mind. If it is a pet portrait, please send a variety of images ranging from side profile, to close ups on specific details and markings. You can attach pictures of my previous sculptures or even your own sketches/pictures if you'd like me to draw inspiration from that.

I'll get back to you in 1-4 days and let you know if your order is do-able and how much it's going to cost and to take.
As a rule turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.
After you've payed the deposit I'm starting to work on your sculpture and coming back to you with the pictures once the sculpture been finished. 

The deposit is 50$ via Paypal or E-transfer (please give me your Paypal email once we're set about all details for your sculpture). The deposit is non-refundable, however it goes towards the overall cost of your order.

4. What materials to you use?

Porcelain - painted with acrylic paints and coated in gloss medium.
Many of my textiles are vintage, and I therefore cannot always guarantee what the material is made of. In some cases I will purchase material specifically for a project, in which case I can guarantee what it is made of. I never use real fur or other unethical materials.

5. Are the sculptures fragile?

To an extent, and they are not made for small children. These are intended as art pieces for your home, and must be treated with care.



Toronto, Canada

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