Artist Statement:

A whimsical reimagining of modern life and the personalities and relationships that exist within it, “Metropolis” features a series of sculptures and small-scale installations. Each work illustrates the daily monotony of life in a metropolitan city as a bizarre interaction of figures. They offer a small glimpse into a series of intimate moments, exploring strangely familiar scenes that view contemporary culture through both a cynical and comical lens. Drawing heavy inspiration from the cultures and subcultures I exist within, my current sculptures seek to bring to light the similarities between lifestyles found in large and smaller cities alike. Suburban and urban cultures are brought together here by the tedium of our collective struggles, addictions, relationships, loneliness, and internal lives. 

Constructed from repurposed textiles and porcelain, often integrating small found objects and embellishments, these figures serve as a caricature of myself and the people I encounter; they are an assortment of human persona’s masquerading as outlandish characters existing within an imagined city-scape.  

In this ongoing body of work, I find myself reflecting on the constant fluctuation of my own state of being and way of life, as well as the predicaments of those around me. From my daily commute surrounded by familiar strangers, to seemingly endless nights of staying out too late, and evenings spent at home conversing with no one, these sculptures bring to life not only my subjective experience, but overarching themes in the lives of many.

Artist Bio:

Sam Pedicelli is a Toronto-based artist working in textiles and porcelain in the creation of intricate soft sculptures. She is a graduate of OCAD University’s Drawing and Painting program in 2015, and was an Artist-in-Residence (Textiles) at Harbourfront Centre from 2015 to 2018. Her work has been exhibited in the solo show "Metropolis" at JJ studio, as well as the two person show “Object Diaries”, and the group exhibition “It’s Not You It’s Me” at Harbourfront Centre. Other group exhibitions include “Hard Twist 10” at the Gladstone Hotel, “Fibreworks 2016” at Idea Exchange, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and The Artist Project - Untapped. She is the recipient of the Mrs. W.O. Forsyth award in 2015, as well as the Virginia Hamara Law Office Special Award in 2016.

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